Mashup, Vol 3

The Inner Mystic and Zozoville puzzles turned out to have the same cut, which of course means mashup time šŸ™‚ This may be really obvious, but the fastest way to check if a puzzle has the same cut is when you’ve completed the first puzzle is to find a corner piece from the other and try it out (bearing in mind it can also be upside down). It may not be 100%, but if the corner doesn’t fit, you can definitely put the first puzzle away.

This was again a case where the puzzles where one puzzle was upside down in relation to the other, going by the cut.


It would have looked better having those eyes on top, looking down on the scene, but not too bad. Except now I feel I should probably apologize to Andy Kehoe for ruining his beautiful picture šŸ™‚


The troll is thinking about the forest.

I have to admit, when I bought the Zozoville puzzle I was thinking how great those enormous eyes might look in mashups. You can expect to see them everywhere I can fit them in šŸ™‚

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