Mashup, Vol 4

I brought in a third puzzle to the mashup, Cactus family from the Lovely Times series. I did that earlier but put it away in sections. The orientation of this puzzle is landscape, whereas the other two are portraits.




This doesn’t really mesh, the contrast is too big somehow.


Eyes on the cactus work a bit better.

The cactus puzzle didn’t actually fit perfectly into the other puzzles, you had to push hard in some places.

When I was putting away the puzzles I put the Forest Cathedral in the Hi Monsta! box by mistake, but I left it as is. All that means I now have pictures of Zozoville puzzles on the bottom of the Forest Cathedral box and Inner Mystic pictures on the bottom of the Hi Monsta! box. Oh well.

I tried putting the puzzles away in sections, but some of them broke up. Heye has a fit that is not exactly loose, but lifting large sections is difficult.


I put the eyes on top – I doubt you’ve seen the last of them 🙂

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