Balancement, 2017-11-05 & 2009-03-03

This is one of my favourite puzzles. I’ve completed it twice, and I expect I will do it again one day.


Balancement by Kandinsky, 2000 pieces, Ricordi Arte. Completed on November 5th, 2017.


Some of my friends have completed it too, and strangely, some find this puzzle very hard, while I think it’s quite easy. It’s never occurred to me before that puzzle difficulty level isn’t an absolute, but that different people find different things difficult. I would love to know why this puzzle seems so much harder to some than to others.


The image on the box has faded so much that colourwise, it’s not much use anymore, but on the puzzle itself, the colours are still vibrant. Somehow you can’t see that in the photos, but the colours really look quite different on the box.


There are a number of all-black and all-white pieces, but there is so much variety in piece shape that it’s not a problem. On the photo, the black pieces are already sorted by shape.

A couple of photos from the first assembly in 2009.

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