Epanouissement coloré, 2019-10-21

I finally finished this! I knew the red bit was going to challenging, but I didn’t expect it to take almost two months 🙂 The black doodles were not much help, but the quality was good, and there were also some differences in shade, with some areas brighter red than others.

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There were over 500 red pieces, and when there were about 430 left I started using an app to keep count of how many pieces I’d placed. I’ve tried it before, but I always forgot to use it after a couple of pieces, but here it worked well, and it was good to see progress on the counter when somehow the puzzle looked the same … I used the counter until I had about 160 pieces left, after that it went so fast there was no point anymore.

I really like the image, too bad about the missing piece (near the top, in the black area).

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