An extra post about some new arrivals! My local puzzle shop is still operating, although they don’t let people into the shop. They’ve moved the counter to the door, and you can pick up your order, or, of course, you can have your puzzles delivered, and that is what I did. They’re probably doing quite well, I expect 🙂

I was very happy to see that they’ve started offering D-Toys puzzles, it’s a good brand and very reasonably priced. They also have some nice images, don’t they? (9)IMG_20200421_190304

2 thoughts on “Shopping

    • Thanks! I love the Artifact I got from you, they’re great! I’ve been really good about not buying puzzles for several months now, but it had to end sometime. I also placed an order with a German online store, but some of the puzzles won’t be available until June, so I’ll have to wait…


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