Cruise Ship, 2020-06-14

Today, me and my car are on a ferry from Helsinki to Travemünde in Germany, from where I will drive to Dortmund for a long stay. The ship isn’t exactly a cruise ship, it’s mostly a cargo ship that also takes passengers (and cars).

I think this may be the first image by van Haasteren I’ve ever done, and that’s because I tend to avoid Jumbo puzzles. I still think that the precision of the cut isn’t very good and it’s easy to place pieces wrong, but it doesn’t matter much with this kind of busy image. Otherwise, I find the Wasgij and van Haasteren series to be of excellent quality, although I’ve had some other puzzles from Jumbo with quite thin pieces. Anyway, this is definitely my kind of image, I’m always happy to do cruise ships.

Cruise Ship by Jan van Haasteren, Jumbo, 1000 pieces. Completed on June 14, 2020.

This is a strange scene. My first thought was that the woman is being robbed by criminals dressed as police, and then I thought they were police and looking for her companion (notice the third hand in the bed), but I think I’ve finally worked out what’s going on. They’re looking for an escaped criminal dressed in stripes …


… and he’s hiding behind the staircase.


The movie seems to be Jaws (but why black & white?).


A Titanic moment ruined.


The scout leader looks very happy to be tied up by his young charges.


Fellow librarians?


Enthusiastic fishers have some fish fingers delivered. Fish fingers seem to be all anyone ever eats on this ship, from the dining room to the bridge.


Fighting over a life west, never a good sign on a cruise ship.


This was very enjoyable, but my favourite cruise ship puzzle is still the Heye by Anders Lyon. In that puzzle, the movie was Robin Hood, by the way 🙂


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