New Exit Puzzles

The latest three Exit-Puzzles are branded as Exit Puzzle Kids, but the only real difference to the previous puzzles that I can see is that the stories are a bit tamer, in the previous puzzles they almost always involved imminent danger of death. I still find the puzzles really enjoyable, but I couldn’t be be bothered to spend much time on the mysteries. While I do like the big pieces, I still prefer the 759-piece Exit-puzzles.

So far, I’ve gotten all of the Exit-puzzles that are available (14 puzzles), but I think I’m going to cut down a bit now, and only get the ones where I really love the image. My favourite of these three was the amusement park, and the backstory actually sounded like a promising start to a horror movie 🙂 I finished all three puzzle in one day.

I’ve added links to photos of the finished puzzles to my spoiler page for the series.

4 thoughts on “New Exit Puzzles

  1. I have the 368 piece Greenhouse Exit Puzzle: The version which shows a cat through the door (and not chickens). Ravensburger’s hints webpage shows solutions for both the cat and chickens versions separately. But 2 out of the 6 3-digit numbers provided in the hints are not found on the puzzle and the grand solution in the envelope is only for the version with the chickens and the numbers I have for my version do not make sense for the solution. I think Ravensburger may have screwed this one up. Buyer beware.


  2. I wrote to Ravensburger and they actually sent me a voucher code redeemable in their online store, which is nice of them!

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