Suomi – Finland, 2020-04-06

Today is independence day in Finland, so here is an extra post with a puzzle to match.

A Ravensburger collage with images from Finland. Finland is called Suomi in Finnish. The bottom image on the left shows the tower of the National Museum, and on the left is Parliament House (it just looks like a grey block here). The top image on the right shows Olavinlinna, a 15th Century castle located in Savonlinna. Every summer it is the scene of an international opera festival. Underneath is an image of Helsinki seen from the sea, then a landscape from Lapland (I think), and on the bottom, I think there are fisherman’s huts. (4)
Suomi – Finland, Ravensburger, 1000 pieces. Completed on April 6, 2020.

I loved doing this, it was so much fun, and, of course, brilliant quality.

This is probably what many people think of when they think of Finland, a cottage in an isolated winter wonderland. (5)

Helsinki is definitely at its most beautiful when seen from the sea. (7)

This autumn landscape is probably from Lapland. (6)

I don’t usually do borders first, but it worked well with this puzzle. (3)

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