Ginger & Fred, 2020-08-23

This is post number 500 on my blog! I missed my two-year anniversary at the end of October, despite WordPress reminding me, but here’s a dancing house to celebrate both post no 500 and two years 🙂

Funny image by RJ Crisp. I was surprised to find out that this house actually exists, in Prague. It’s usually called the Dancing House, althoug the American architect used the name Ginger and Fred as a working name (after Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, of course. More on wikipedia).

Ginger & Fred RJ Crisp, Heye, 1000 pieces. Completed on August 23, 2020.

Some boys are mooning the city from a tram.

Hippes get a surprise hair cut.

Not a neighbor I would choose…

Great fun!

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