Cats in Positano, 2020-10-31

This was my first eeBoo-puzzle. They’ve recently become available on Puzzle-Offensive, where I often shop, and since they have many lovely images I decided to try one.

Cats in Positano, eeBoo, 1000 pieces. Completed on October 31, 2020.

The finish is probably the shiniest I’ve ever come across. There was a good mix of piece shapes, but the precision of the cut wasn’t great – it wasn’t always easy to know if a piece belongs or not. All in all it still added up to a nice experience. The eeBoo puzzles are pretty expensive (most American brands are expensive in Europe), but I may well get one every now and then, for the great images.

My first reaction when I saw the title was “what cats”, but there actually are a couple of cats there:


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