Heye 2021 Catalog & a Wasgij

The Heye catalog for 2021 is here, and there are some great new additions. There’s a stunning new puzzle in the Inner Mystic series by Andy Kehoe, a new installment in the Funky Zoo series by Marino Degano (Transylvanian habitat), and as some other cartoon puzzles that I absolutely have to get. Some of the puzzles are already out, and I got one of them, the first 2000-piece Zozoville-puzzle:


I recently completed this Wasgij-puzzle, and you can find a photo of the completed puzzle on my Mystery Puzzle Spoiler page:


2 thoughts on “Heye 2021 Catalog & a Wasgij

  1. I was a little disappointed by the Heye catalogue but it was also kind of good news as I can be restrained in my shopping. It’s a great catalogue if people haven’t d9nt much Heye so far with some amazing images but over the last few years I’ve gradually picked up most of the ones I like so I was only really looking at the new stuff. I really liked the new Paul image and will get the pair of Ryba ones (the winter/summer combo) I don’t already have. Apart from that the Gobel and Knorr Rome one and I think that may be it. I was really disappointed in the Oesterle image- I would always buy a jigsaw by him but the casino doesn’t look very interesting- there are actually a lot of new jigsaws that seem to have a lack of a defined edge to the painting, they’re like part of a scene and I don’t think they appeal. Maybe it will grow on me.

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    • I was also kind of relieved that I wouldn’t have to put too many puzzles on the shopping list 🙂 In addition to the ones I mentioned, I will definitely get the Paul, and also Music Maniac by Adolfsson, and perhaps Hotel Life and Casino. I already have the winter/summer combo as one 2000-piece puzzle. What I really would like to see is a new one from Anders Lyon, I really loved that cruise ship.


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