Spaghetti della Mamma, 2020-12-23

A wonderful Marino Degano image from 2006. I bought this used on ebay, but it turned out to be complete. The edges were in a separate bag, and since there’s a border, I did them last.

Spaghetti della Mamma by Marino Degano, Heye, 1500 pieces. Completed on December 23, 2020.

Some of the pieces were strangely discoloured, and this can be seen most clearly in the areas where you could see a background colour, like on the image below. The pieces have definitely not gotten wet, because in my experience that always leaves some permanent swelling, and the only other thing I can think of is light. But that doesn’t make much sense either, because it looks like only some pieces have been exposed to light. I could understand discolouration by fading if the puzzle had been mounted at some time, but that wouldn’t affect some pieces this randomly. If anyone has a theory what caused this, I would love to hear it. It did make the background areas a bit more difficult than they would otherwise have been – in busy puzzles like this they’re usually the easiest part.

Otherwise, the puzzle was not all that easy, but a joy from start to finish. In case I’ve not mentioned it often enough, Marino Degano is my favourite Heye artist.

La mamma at her stove:

The ketchup police writes a ticket…

… although there seem to be more serious crimes to investigate:

In Degano puzzles I always look for evidence of football, and I usually find it:

All in all a great puzzle, I loved working out all of the funny scenes.


2 thoughts on “Spaghetti della Mamma, 2020-12-23

  1. That could have happened if someone got partway through so that only some sections were exposed to the light. I had that with the back of a puzzle (Heaven and Hell) I had out for a while last summer but the front was perfect (the box had some fading). Finally tackled and finished it a couple of weeks ago

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    • That could be it, although in that case it must have been stored so that some pieces were exposed to light and others not, maybe they were not all turned face up. The discolouration affects random pieces here and there, not entire sections.


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