A Wasgij and New Exit Puzzles

I finished the Wasgij-puzzle Uproar at the Vets. I won’t post the whole image here, but you can find it on my spoiler page for Mystery Puzzles.

A bird with tooth ache?

I also finally received two new Exit Puzzles that I ordered back in January:

They were originally both listed as 759-piece puzzles, but sadly, the Laboratory is only 368 pieces. The artist’s studio has the full 5 difficulty points for the clues, so I don’t expect I’ll be able to understand all of them 😊


4 thoughts on “A Wasgij and New Exit Puzzles

  1. I love the exit puzzles! I got the art studio one recently myself, and I’m currently working on it. I liked the theme and how it’s not dark colours, but the 5/5 difficulty kinda scares me too. So far I did two of these puzzles, both rated 2/5, on my own. I love this kind of riddles in computer games, so I hope I won’t be completely lost.

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    • I haven’t started on Artist’s Studio yet, but I’ve done all other 759-piece Exit puzzles. I love them even though I’m quite bad at working out the riddles 😀 I won’t mind too much when I can’t work it out.


      • I think the riddles are the best part of the exit puzzles, but I might be biased because Ravensburger is really expensive in Eastern Europe and without the added layer of riddles, it’s only an overpriced, frustratingly dark image puzzle =D

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      • I guess I’m more of a puzzle person than a riddle person 🙂 I got some of the earlier ones for about 8 EUR /puzzle during a sale, but usually they are expensive, and I find it difficult to justify especially the 368 piece ones…


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