Trente, 2021-09-19

I knew this would be difficult, but I can’t remember when I last spent an entire week on one 1000 piece puzzle. The image is a Kandinsky from 1937, and I really like it, but it was so hard. Only the three gridlike squares (top right, middle of the right edge, and bottom left) were reasonably easy, after that all pieces looked pretty much the same 🙂

Trente by Kandinsky, Bluebird, 1000 pieces. Completed on September 20, 2021.

This was my second Bluebird puzzle. It’s a French brand, but the puzzles are manufactured in various countries. The first I did was made in Turkey, and this one in Poland. The cut is different, this one is much closer to what I would consider a normal grid cut, whereas the first (3K puzzle) that I did somehow was much more “pointy” (you can see closeups in the post about that puzzle, I think you’ll see what I mean). The pieces were also what I would call normal size, whereas the pieces of the 3K puzzle were much smaller than usual. The quality is nice, but not spectacular, but very good value since Bluebird puzzles are far from expensive. You can easily pay more for far worse quality.

I’m definitely doing something easy next!

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