Towards the Captain’s Table, In Progress & Shopping

I’ve now done all of the bits that are not 100% white. It’s slow, but not too frustrating. I might decide to take a break and do something a bit more colourful before I’m finished with this.

I recently found a new Finnish online toy store, Lelukatti, with a pretty good selection of puzzles, and since they had a sale on, I went a bit wild:

They also sent me some chocolate with the puzzles, a very nice touch!


5 thoughts on “Towards the Captain’s Table, In Progress & Shopping

  1. Wow what a shopping spree –especially since I can see that the puzzle boxes are stacked and there are more underneath!

    I have two of the Cobble Hill color puzzles. I have the yellow one too and also the purple one. The quality was quite impressive.

    The two from the Abandoned series by Ravensburger look eerie (and I think that’s the point.) I discovered that collection when Stacey posted her shopping spree photo recently on her site. Lots of folks on Amazon were giving negative reviews to the puzzle simply because the USA box was white and not green!


    • I actually left the puzzles I’d already photographed underneath, it’s “just” 15 puzzles in all.
      I really like the look of the Abandoned puzzles, but I haven’t tried one yet. I think I saw some of that green box drama as well. The site I ordered from actually had an image with the white box for one of the puzzles, but I really don’t care what colour the boxes are.


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