The Sea at Satta, 2022-04-14

I’m back in Dortmund for Easter, and started off with this beautiful puzzle. It’s a woodblock print from 1859 by Japanese artist Hiroshige. The mountain in the background is mount Fuji.

Not the easiest puzzle I’ve ever done, but well worth it for the lovely image. At the end, I had maybe 120 pieces that were all white, but there was a good mix of piece shapes, so that helped.

The Sea at Satta, Suruga Province, 1859 by Hiroshige, Bluebird, 1000 pieces. Completed on April 14, 2022.

6 thoughts on “The Sea at Satta, 2022-04-14

      • P.S. I’m sorry if I’m being nosey but it seems quite glamorous that you alternate between living in Germany and living in Finland. Is that related to your job or do you just live a lovely life of leisure and puzzles and just enjoy to travel and visit between the both locations?


      • It’s not related to my job, but my job can basically be done from anywhere, and I’ve been allowed to work from Germany sometimes. I also have quite a lot of vacation time (about 7 weeks compulsory, and another 3 weeks that I can take instead of vacation money), and I spend most of that time in Germany. My flats in Helsinki and Dortmund are not especially glamorous, and quite small 🙂


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