Staged Happiness, 2022-04-22

I’m back in Helsinki, and I finished the puzzle that I started before my Easter break. Another Kaj Stenvall duck image, but this one wasn’t as much fun as the previous one. The cut is extremely boring, with only the basic piece shape with two tabs opposite, and I also managed to place some pieces wrong. I really hate it when I have to go back and take apart pieces that I already placed. Anyway, this should be the last of my Stenvalls with this boring cut. I’ve actually seen a photo of this puzzle, completed, with a different cut and some variety in piece shapes. I must say, I’m at least glad it was this puzzle, and not the white one that had the bad cut šŸ™‚

Kaj Stenvall Collection: Staged Happiness by Kaj Stenvall, Tactic, 1000 pieces. Completed on April 22, 2022.

4 thoughts on “Staged Happiness, 2022-04-22

  1. This puzzle looks so hard, extremely limited color palette and those two-knob-two-hole pieces don’t do anything to help. This is when a true random cut helps, but then you just spend time looking at piece shapes to make connections rather than having an intuitive sense that a certain piece is a specific part of the puzzle and would go here with this other piece, etc….

    A lot of the Kaj Stenvall puzzles you post about look extremely challenging actually…..

    Stacey and I recently both posted about the Rainy Day puzzle by Re-marks. We both had a puzzle with a variety of piece shapes but the die-cuts for each of our puzzles was different.

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    • Many of the Stenvall puzzles look more difficult than they are, but they’re not the easiest puzzles I’ve ever done, that’s for sure. When you’ve started on a puzzle you can often spot small variations on shade that help a lot.

      If I could choose, I would probably prefer a grid cut with a good mix of piece shapes over a random cut, I actually think that’s much easier than a true random cut šŸ™‚

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      • I don’t mind figuring out a branch-y tree or some patches of cloud and sky, but puzzles with so much of that don’t make me happy because it’s too much studying of pieces for shade nuances rather than being able to pick up a puzzle piece and (most of the time) intuitively knowing or recognizing that it belongs to a specific part of the puzzle.

        For me, I don’t know if random cut or grid cut with a variety of piece shapes makes for an easier puzzling experience. I like them both, I probably like grid (or ribbon) cut more because perhaps the wackiness and novelty of piece shapes in a random cut puzzle has worn off a bit for me.

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      • Trees are actually one of my least favourite subjects to puzzle šŸ™‚ I don’t actually sort, I spread out all the pieces, and then I pick pieces of a particular shade. I somehow don’t feel the need to know where it goes in the puzzle before I’ve put some of it together.


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