Pac-Man, 2022-04-23

This was fun, and some serious 80’s nostalgia. While this seems to be an arcade version, Pac-Man was also available for home computers (probably the Commodore 64), and while I didn’t play much (that was more my brother’s thing), I can certainly remember the infuriating music (if that’s the right word) that accompanied the game. I’m sure you can find the sound online, but I don’t recommend you go looking for it. I definitely won’t 🙂

Pac-Man, Ravensburger, 500 pieces. Completed on April 23, 2022.

7 thoughts on “Pac-Man, 2022-04-23

  1. Love this puzzle! Buffalo has a Pac-Man puzzle too but in a 300 piece count, maybe it’s the same image as yours.

    Buffalo’s Pac-Man puzzle may have just went out of production. They recently had a huge sale on their website and had this puzzle deeply discounted but it was sold out. No surprise there.

    I’ve never ordered directly from Buffalo before but would have if some of the other deeply discounted puzzles I liked were still available. I’m not sad about not getting the Pac-Man puzzle though, this puzzle would have been nice to have but it won’t be on my “The ones who got away…” list 😉

    Do you have any other video game puzzles??

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    • I think this is the first video game puzzle that I’ve ever even seen! Overall I think there are less pop culture-puzzles in Europe, unfortunately.

      You may still the find the Buffalo Pac-Man, perhaps at a charity shop 🙂

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      • I found the puzzle on the buffalo site, out of stock, but here’s the box image. There are some differences with the playing screen! For example, on yours pac-man is facing one way about to gobble a cherry and in Buffalo’s version he’s facing other way about to eat an orange!

        As for video games, I just remembered USAopoly, recently re-branded as OP Games. They do so much pop culture stuff and they have several video game puzzles in their catalog.

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      • Almost the same image! USAopoly puzzles are actually available here now, but they are quite expensive, and I’ve read that they are also poor quality, so I’m giving them a miss, unless I can find one cheap 🙂


      • I think the number for your “1UP” is different…..

        I’ve only done one USAopoly puzzle. The quality was good. Not awful, nothing to get excited about. I’d consider getting another one but their catalog of images is very pop culture (movies, tv, video games) and I suppose with the exception of Star Wars and Star Trek we don’t usually assemble puzzles like that.

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