Miami, 2022-06-09

I love the image, but unfortunately, the quality was the worst I’ve seen from Tactic. The pieces are all of the basic shape with two tabs opposite, which I find boring. I wouldn’t have bought the puzzle if I’d known. Also, the fit was not good, in a few cases I had to use force to get pieces into their correct spaces. Very annoying. This puzzle is part of the Tactic Vintage Posters series, and they’ve released several sets in the series. The first was travel ads for Finland, and those were OK (I’ve only done one, still have four more to do), and then there’s the Art Deco set with at least this, one with New York and one with Italy. I have the New York one, and that seems to be the same as this. Bummer. On the bright side, the last set, from which I have two (Ancient Egypt and Space), seems to be all right. At least they have a good mix of piece shapes. It’s always annoying when you can’t trust a brand, and I find it especially unfortunate with Tactic, because it’s a Finnish brand, and I would love to suppport a local producer.

Miami, Tactic, 1000 pieces. Completed on June 9, 2022.

Some pieces ended up in my Roomba, and one of them was damaged:

For a while, I thought it was from a different puzzle 🙂 I’ve fished plenty of pieces out of my Roomba, but I’ve never seen one so damaged before.


4 thoughts on “Miami, 2022-06-09

  1. Similar to Tactic, there’s a puzzle company in the USA (Re-marks) where you don’t know what kind of pieces you’ll have (either two-knob-two-hole or a wacky random cut) until you open the box. However, their quality is quite good.

    That’s cool that Tactic is a Finnish company but bummer about the inconsistent quality and other issues you have with their puzzles.

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