Underwater Life, 2022-07-10

I previously wrote about Trefl’s series of cardboard puzzles with whimsies, and claimed I had one. Well, it turned out I was mistaken, but that was easily fixed, of course. There are four puzzles in the Hidden Shapes series, with piece count ranging from 1003 to 1060. The actual piece counts are on the box instead of the usual “1000”.

Underwater Life, Trefl, 1060 pieces. Completed on July 10, 2022.

There are 10 whimsies, all of them composite, so that they take up a large part of the puzzle:

The whimsies seem to be sea-related, although I’m not sure what the bottom two are supposed to be:

The overall quality of the puzzle is the same as normal Trefl puzzles, that is to say good, but not exceptional. Obviously, there are quite a few pieces that are not fully interlocking, and I was wondering if that would be more annoying with a cardboard puzzle than with a wooden one since the pieces are lighter. I didn’t really feel there was any difference in that regard. Of course, you spend some time pushing pieces back together, but you do that with wooden puzzles as well. Based on this experience, I see no reason why whimsies should be exclusive to wooden puzzles, they work just as well with cardboard, and it is fun working with non-standard piece shapes.


3 thoughts on “Underwater Life, 2022-07-10

  1. When I saw the whimsy on the bottom left I immediately thought seashell.

    Google tells me that the image below and others like it are labeled as clam ocean sea shells.

    As for the other one, I just think maybe a big ol water droplet?

    P.S. Pretty cool that the whimsies are created by multiple puzzle pieces. Did the curved edges on the whimsies throw you for a loop when you were sorting out the actual border/edge pieces?

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    • I’m sure you’re right about the whimsies, I did think of the water drop, but I wasn’t sure. Thank you!
      I did the edges about 1/3 in, and it was indeed quite difficult to know what pieces were actually edge pieces. It might have been easier to just do the edges last.

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