United States Presidents, 2022-07-30

I borrowed this puzzle from work. We used to have a puzzle out for the customers in our library, but that was discontinued because of the pandemic, and it’s not started up again, but the puzzles are still there. Many of them were brought in by me, but this is from someone else.

While I usually love text in a puzzle, this was almost too much. There were definitely more pieces with text than without, which made the text less helpful. For a while, I consulted the box quite a lot, but this was still a fun puzzle, perhaps a bit more challenging than I expected.

United States Presidents, White Mountain Puzzles, 1000 pieces. Completed on July 30, 2022.

Many of the presidents are, unsurprisingly, unknown to me. I knew all the more recent ones, starting with FD Roosevelt, but only a few of the earlier ones. The last president on this puzzle is the younger Bush.


2 thoughts on “United States Presidents, 2022-07-30

  1. “Many of the presidents are, unsurprisingly, unknown to me. “

    Embarrassingly, as a US citizen, many would probably be unknown to me too.

    Although I will always remember James K Polk, our 11th president, because one of my fave bands as a teenager wrote a song all about him!

    P.S. That is a lot of text on the left half of the USA. Perhaps for someone who knows a lot of about US history and US presidents, putting the text together would be easier because they’d be familiar with the subject and story?


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