Thomas Chambers Collage, 2022-08-30

A collage with paintings by 19th Century English painter Thomas Chambers. He was born (and died) in England, but he spent most of his life in the USA. He did mostly maritime subjects, as you can see from this collage.

The paintings where a location is specified are all from the US Northwest, except one painting of Gibraltar (middle of the top row). (I’m assuming this is British Gibraltar in the south of Spain, although I did find a Gibraltar to the south of Detroit, at lake Erie.)

Thomas Chambers Collage, Cobble Hill, 1000 pieces. Completed on August 30, 2022.

This was a very entertaining puzzle. I did the text first, then water and sky, and as usual, the vegetation was the most difficult part, and I did that last. The top left painting, “Storm Tossed Frigate”, was the most fun to do.

Packet Ship Passing Castle Williams, New York Harbor. Castle Williams still exists (I checked), but I bet everything else looks different now 🙂

Lovely view of Niagara Falls.


3 thoughts on “Thomas Chambers Collage, 2022-08-30

  1. I’m awful with geography and the locations of some iconic landmarks or land features. Do you think that since all the other locations are from the US Northwest, that the “Gibraltar” one is actually near Lake Erie?

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  2. Interesting…. google says this: “Gibraltar Island is an island in Ohio, located within Lake Erie. This small 6.55-acre island is just offshore of South Bass Island. It is part of Put-in-Bay Township, Ottawa County, Ohio. The rocky island is named for its resemblance to the Rock of Gibraltar.”

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    • It could be the US Gibraltar, of course, but I would almost expect there to be a mention of Lake Erie as well, in that case. The title is just “Felucca off Gibraltar” (Felucca is a type of ship), the other titles in the collage tend to be more verbose. The painting is in a museum in Washington, so maybe it really is the US Gibraltar.

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