Cocktails, 2022-09-01

This was fun and easy! The rows having different background colours helped, too. I was happy to find that this had a random cut. With Eurographics, it’s either random cut, or a grid cut with just the basic piece shape, no variation.

Cocktails, Eurographics, 1000 pieces. Completed on September 1, 2022.

I actually really like fancy cocktails, but somehow, I seldom drink any.


4 thoughts on “Cocktails, 2022-09-01

  1. Do the drinks on each same color row have anything in common? Or is the arrangement just random?

    Do you include the car in your photos so that your completed puzzle photos are “branded” in a way and show that the photos belong to you? As in, you’d hope that no one would ever “take” your image and share it elsewhere online, you know?

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    • The drink arrangement is random, as far as I can see.

      The car is my puzzle mascot. It’s always there, but I often forget to include it in the photo. I wouldn’t really mind if someone wants to use my photos, but it seems really unlikely that anyone would be interested 🙂


      • It seems a bit silly for me to even think this, but I’ve wondered (regardless of the hobby or whatever) if people grab or pull photos from websites and share them on social media and claim them as their own. Like “hey look at this cool sweater I knitted” or “hey look at this fun puzzle I put together.”

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      • I’m sure some people do that, but as long as they’re not scamming people to get money somehow I don’t really care that much. But people like that would almost certainly look for better photos than I provide 😀

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