Star Trek: Classic Episodes, 2022-09-04

Another one of the Cobble Hill Star Trek puzzles. This one features stylish posters for The Original Series episodes. I wonder, what these images were created for. Probably not for this puzzle, but individual episodes of TV series don’t usually have their own posters. Perhaps Star Trek is a special case đŸ™‚

Star Trek: Classic Episodes, Cobble Hill, 1000 pieces. Completed on September 4, 2022.

I’ve definitely seen all of these episodes, probably more than once, but I still can’t remember what all of them were about. I remember Mirror Mirror very well, that was an episode where some people ended up in a parallel universe, where the Enterprise crew was evil, and some of the evil crew ended up in the normal Enterprise. Evil Spock is the one with the beard, obviously. I also remember The Trouble With Tribbles, a more comic episode, where the tribbles were small furballs that reproduced at an alarming rate.

Anyway, the puzzle was great fun!

A while ago, I wasn’t sure if there were four or five puzzles in this Cobble Hill series. Turns out, all I had to do to find out was turn the box upside down:

There are five, of which I currently have four. The last one that I don’t have has photos from TOS. I prefer the stylish posters from the other puzzles, but if I come across the last one, I will probably get it anyway.

4 thoughts on “Star Trek: Classic Episodes, 2022-09-04

  1. We have this puzzle too — it’s a great one! It’s the only Star Trek puzzle from Cobble Hill we have. My husband has a Star Trek puzzle from Buffalo Games — I think you’ve seen that post on my site.

    I also prefer the other poster puzzles over the one puzzle that features photos from TOS.

    P.S. I found this article online about the posters:

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      • There’s no mention of the artist on my box either. However his name is mentioned in the official product description on sites such as Amazon, Wal-mart, and Puzzle Warehouse — that helped in finding that article. Perhaps his name was mentioned on the Cobble Hill Puzzle Co site too but none of the Star Trek puzzles are on the CHPC site anymore.

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