Ancient Egypt, 2022-09-08

The title given on the box (Ancient Egypt) isn’t much help, but on the puzzle (right bottom corner) it says “Nebamun hunting in the marshes (around 1350 BC) – Thebes, Egypt”, which is much more informative. Nebamun was a middle-ranking official scribe and grain counter at the temple complex in Thebes, and he is known because of the stunning paintings found in his grave (they are now in the British Museum). More on Wikipedia, and for some reason German Wikipedia has even more photos.

Some Egyptian art looks a bit formulaic, but this is anything but. Especially the birds, and the fish under the boat are stunning. Nebamun is standing in the boat, and between his legs there’s a child. He’s holding a bird with one hand, and seems to have a snake in the other. Maybe it’s just a strangely shaped arrow, because his wife looks to be holding a quiver. I can’t see a bow, though.

Ancient Egypt, D-Toys, 1000 pieces. Completed on September 8, 2022.

D-Toys is a Romanian brand, and as I have found before, the pieces are sturdy, there is a very good mix of piece shapes, and the pieces fit together well. Unfortunately, it’s fairly easy to place pieces wrong if they are all of the same colour. At the end, I had about 150 black pieces (in addition to the black edge pieces), and I had several cases where I had to pull apart a section that I had already finished, because a false fit somewhere blocked progress. Very annoying, but the actual image was a joy to do, only the black “border” was troublesome.


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