Olde Buck’s County, 2022-10-26

I think this is my first Charles Wysocki image. I borrowed the puzzle from a friend, who bought it in the US. This image worked really well as a puzzle, there were enough details to keep it interesting to the end, but I didn’t have to refer to the box all the time. Loved it!

Olde Buck’s County by Charles Wysocki, Buffalo, 1000 pieces. Completed on October 26, 2022

Today is my four year blog anniversary, according to WordPress 🙂


7 thoughts on “Olde Buck’s County, 2022-10-26

    • Just curious, how long after you purchased the 300 piece, did Buffalo release the 1000 piece puzzle? Sometimes it seems to take a long time (several months or even longer) before Buffalo will release a particular image in a different piece count and, sometimes, not at all.

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      • I don’t really know. I bought mine a few years back and did not see the 1000 piece version until about the last year or so. However, I couldn’t tell you for sure how much time was in between. I think some images that are really popular at 300 end up as 1000 eventually. Just like 80’s skate party by Aimee Srewart. Both Stacey and I did the 300 piece version, but then just within the last year I saw they released a 1000 piece version too.

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      • Heye does this too, but they never have two piece counts available at the same time, it’s always years between the different piece counts. Sometimes decades!

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