The Forbidden Basement / Im Gruselkeller SPOILERS

This is a spoiler page for the puzzle The Forbidden Basement in the Ravensburger Exit / Escape-series.


Here is a link to a high-resolution image of the finished puzzle.

There are seven puzzles in this image. Several of them were quite easy to identify and solve, and none were impossibly difficult.

Hints for the puzzles provided by Ravensburger (in English). If you want another language version, go to the help front page and click on the appropriate flag.

The solution was opening the safe:

This is the solution provided in the sealed envelope:

4 thoughts on “The Forbidden Basement / Im Gruselkeller SPOILERS

  1. Please can you help. I’m still confused by how the symbols on the beam relate to the divisors on the boards. How would I know what numbers the symbols mean?


    • There are symbols carved into the bottom of the stair railing, just above each board. There are 6 boards and 6 symbols. You only use the 3 boards that have symbols that match those on the beam (and in the order they appear on the beam). So, from left to right, you want the first board, the third board, and the sixth board. Then, to match the beam, the order is: third board, sixth board, first board.

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