The Witches Kitchen / Die Hexenküche SPOILERS

This is a spoiler page for the puzzle The Witches Kitchen in the Ravensburger Exit / Escape-series.


Here is a link to a high-resolution photo of the finished puzzle.

There are eight puzzles in the image.

Hints for the puzzles provided by Ravensburger (in English). If you want another language version, go to the help front page and click on the appropriate flag.

Puzzle 1:

img_20200301_192848 (1)

The object is to find out the number on the last bottle in the row. To do this, you need to work out what calculation you need to do to get to the next bottle. The numbers on the bottles are: 7 2 16 11 88 85

And here are the calculations:
7 – 5 = 2
2 * 8 = 16
16 – 5 = 11
11 * 8 = 88
88 – 5 = 83
Every other calculation is -5, and every other is *8. That means that to get the number on the final bottle, you have to multiply with 8: 83 * 8 = 664.

Puzzle 2:

img_20200301_202304 (1)

The object is to find out what number is in place of the question mark on the pan. The markings starting at 12 o’clock: 60 10 ? 9 45 5 30 6
From the examples provided in the hint by Ravensburger:
6 * 10 = 60
5 * 6 = 30
you can see that you get each number by multiplying the two numbers on each side of the number you want. In this case, the question mark has 10 on one side and 9 on the other -> 10 * 9 = 90.

Puzzle 3:

img_20200301_235844 (1)

If you cover half of each of the symbols, they look like numbers. In the tree first symbols, you cover the right side and get 2, 1 and 5, and if you cover the left half of the last symbol it looks like 7. Answer 2157.

Puzzle 4:

img_20200301_214508 (1)

img_20200301_214516 (1)

You start by counting how many corners the shapes on top of the jars have:
orange: 6 corners
blue: 0 corners
green: 3 corners
yellow: 4 corners
The four bottles with the same colours are in the order yellow, blue, green, orange, and the answer is 4036.

Puzzle 5:

img_20200301_215930 (1)

The inner star on the stool has the numbers 1, 5, 9, 13 (starting from 6 o’clock. You get the next number by always adding 4 (1-4=5, 5+4=9), and the last, missing number is 13 + 4 = 17.

Puzzle 6: Around the star, there are five squares, with two numbers on the outside edge of the stool and a third further in. The third number is always the product of the first two. In the last square, the answer is missing, you get it by multiplying the two numbers, 8 x 7 = 56.

Puzzle 7:

img_20200301_230033 (1)
The symbol in the first row = 30, the first in the second row=5, the double half-moon = 18. The final row: 5+30*9 = 275 (remember to do the multiplication first).

Puzzle 8:


You need to connect each of the rune-words to one of the books lying around the puzzle. Each book also has a number attached, and the answer will be the three numbers corresponding to the runes.
Possible books:
6 lulaed
4 othala
5 eytwaz
9 kefara (kefarn?)
3 hagall
8 teiwaz
2 thutne
0 sowuli
1 mannaz
7 daegaz
There are probably many ways to solve this, but here is one:
First, all of the words (the runes as well) have 6 letters, so that you can’t exclude any of the words based on that. Since all of the runes are different, we are looking for three different words. The second rune on the righthand side ends with two identical characters; the only word that fits is hagall. Now we know what a, h and l look like, and we know that the rune on the right ends with hala. The only word that fits is othala. If we place the known letters in the first word we get t___a_, first letter t, second to last a, and again, only one word fits, teiwaz. The answer is teiwaz, hagall, othala -> 834.

The solution

The final solution is a kind of frame for the plant that will save you.


6 thoughts on “The Witches Kitchen / Die Hexenküche SPOILERS

  1. Just a comment on puzzle 8. Its the first one I solved, the keys to the runes are interspersed throughout the puzzle. There is one on the chest with the rat so we know I=I, one on the open draw M=E, one on the map which gives us the letter O, one on the fob watch which gives us the letter Z, one on the cauldron hanging above the fire which gives us the letter T, there’s two close to the crocodile hind leg and tail which give us the letters L and H, one on the bottom right hand corner which gives us the letter A, one on the pumpkin which gives us the letter G.

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