Unicorn / Das Einhorn SPOILERS

This is a spoiler page for the puzzle Unicorn in the Ravensburger Exit / Escape-series.


Here’s a high-resolution photo if the finished puzzle. I managed to lose a piece. unfortunately.

There are seven puzzles in this image.

Hints for the puzzles provided by Ravensburger (in English). If you want another language version, go to the help front page and click on the appropriate flag.

Before we start on the individual puzzles, there is some colour coding that is used in multiple puzzles:


On the rainbow the colours are marked as follows: purple = 1, dark blue = 2, blue = 3, green = 4, yellow = 5, orange = 6, red =7.

Puzzle 1:


You have to count the dots on the mushrooms to get the numbers 4, 6 and 3. The inclination of the mushrooms tells you in what order you should place the numbers. Of the three numbers, the one on the left is on the mushroom inclining to the left (6), the one in the middle is on the mushroom standing straight up (3) and the one on the right on the mushroom inclining to the right (4). Answer 634.

Puzzle 2:


In the second puzzle, you have to count the petals on each of the flowers, then multiply this number with the number of the colour marked on the rainbow

  • The red flower has 7 petals, and the number for red is also 7, so 7×7=49.
  • The yellow flower has 10 petals and the number for yellow is 5, so 10×5 = 50.
  • The orange flower has 6 petals and the number for orange is also 6, so 6×6 = 36.
  • The blue flower has 8 petals and the number for blue is 3, so 8×3 = 24.

Finally add up: 49+50+36+24 = 159.

Puzzle 3:


Each of the three birds has two colours, and you add up the corresponding numbers from the rainbow:

  • yellow + green = 5+4 = 9.
  • purple + blue = 1+3 = 4.
  • orange + purple = 6 + 1 = 7.

Now we have three numbers, but we still need to know in what order to put them. The direction of the beak is the hint here, you have to imagine the beaks pointing towards numbers on a clock. The yellow-green bird is pointing to 7, the purple-blue to 9 and the orange-purple to 11. Put the numbers in “chronological” order: 947.

Puzzle 4:


You start from the arrow, and you are supposed to reach one of the butterflies with black edges. You advance by adding or subtracting colours and moving forward to the resulting colour. You start with blue (where the arrow points), and then you can add red and advance to violet, then subtract red and advance to blue and so on. Here is the entire sequence from the Ravensburger support page: blue + red = violet – red = blue + yellow = green – blue = yellow + red = orange – red = yellow – yellow = white + blue = light blue – white = blue.

Because you end up with a (dark) blue butterfly, the answer should be 2 (see the rainbow), but it’s actually 3, as one reader pointed out. I can’t explain this one, but if anyone has a theory, I would be very happy to hear it.

A reader kindly wrote in with the correct explanation: the final butterfly is blue with black tips, and there are three blue butterflies with black tips in the image, hence the answer is three!

Puzzle 5:


All you have to do is look at this upside down, and you’ll see that number 87 is missing.


The answer is 87.

Puzzle 6:


When adding the numbers of opposite petals, you always get the number 27. Opposite of the missing number is 7, and the missing number is 20.

Puzzle 7:


With opposite numbers, the larger number is always the smaller number multiplied with itself. Since the missing number is opposite number 9, it is 81.

The Solution

With thesolution pieces corresponding to the numbers we got earlier, you can build a sparkly, new horn for the sad unicorn. Unlike many other puzzles in this series, as soon as you had the solution pieces, it was easy to put them together for the solution.


The solution in the envelope: