Vampire Castle / Im Vapirschloss SPOILERS

This is a spoiler page for the puzzle Vampire Castle in the Ravensburger Exit / Escape-series.


Here is a link to a high-resolution image of the finished puzzle.

There are eight puzzles in this image. Two of the puzzles were optical, instead of decoding or arithmetics you just had to see the number. One of those I couldn’t see at all, but the other one was clear.

Hints for the puzzles provided by Ravensburger (in English). If you want another language version, go to the help front page and click on the appropriate flag.

Puzzle 1 (6)

This is an optical puzzle, and I’m afraid I can’t see the solution. According to the instructions, you should put the puzzle at the edge of the table and look at the rug from a flatter angle. Then, you are supposed to see some numbers. I’m afraid I can’t see it, maybe I haven’t found the right angle. Anyway, in this case I just have to go straight to the answer, 4153.

UPDATE: Thanks to user Puzzling2, who sent in these helpful images, I can now see the numbers:


VampireRugNumbersPlus (1)

3685 + 468 = 4153, the answer is 4153 (this was also courtesy of Puzzling2).

Puzzle 2 (7)

This is also an optical puzzle, but this one I can see. On the chains, from left to right, you can see the numbers 8, 6, 5 and 8. Answer 8658.

Puzzle 3 is so well explained on the Ravensburger help-page that I have nothing to add.

Puzzle 4 (8)

Here you are supposed to look at the helmet, the shoulder guard, the sword and the leg guard, and then find similar objects in the image. That is, you should first find a helmet that looks like the helmet in the painting and so on. (12)

I found this puzzle quite difficult, partly because I don’t think the helmet on this knight looks much like the helmet in the painting, but this is the one you are supposed to identify. There is a Roman numeral, III, on the helmet. (11)

Then on to the shoulder guard. This actually looks like the one in the painting, and it’s marked with the Roman numeral V. (10)

The sword is on the weapon rack on the right, and it also has the Roman numeral V (I looked at this quite a while before I spotted the number). (9)

This knight has the same leg guard as the one in the painting, and it’s marked with the Roman numeral II.

We now have III, V,V,II, that is 3552.

Puzzle 5 is so well explained on the Ravensburger help-page that I have nothing to add.

Puzzle 6 (14)

First, you have to find out what should be on the last coat of arms on the left. If you look at the first two coats of arms you can see that to get the second, you can move the images on the right to the left side and the ones on the left to the right. This also works with the coats of arms number three and four, and should work for five and six. This way we get the following images for the 6th coat of arms: top left: tower; top right: nothing; bottom left: fleur-de-lis; bottom right: crown and wheel.

Now we need to find out what the images mean, and for that we have a decoder: (13)

top left: tower = 5

top right: nothing = 0

bottom left: fleur-de-lis = 3

bottom right: crown and wheel = 2+1=3

Answer: 5033.

Puzzle 7 (15)

Here you have to count the number of flames, swords and frames in the image and multiply the results. There are 16 flames, 6 swords and 7 frames, 16x6x7 = 672.

Puzzle 8 is so well explained on the Ravensburger help-page that I have nothing to add.

The Solution

This is the solution assembled. Again, I wasn’t sure what to make of it, so I went back to the instructions to remind me that I’m supposed to drive the vampire back in his coffin. This looks more like daylight and less like garlic or a stake.
And it seems to fit on one of the windows. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is why the vampire would get up in the first place before it’s dark outside.

26 thoughts on “Vampire Castle / Im Vapirschloss SPOILERS

    • Thank you for your explanations! I hope this helps you with the rug.
      Try this:
      1) On a piece of scrap paper, draw three dots vertically, each about pencil-eraser size and spaced an inch apart. If you draw two line segments that connect the left sides of the three dots and two line segments that connect the right sides of the three dots, what you’re looking at is what this puzzle would call an 8. If you erase the upper-right line segment, you’d have a 6. Remember really old digital clock numbers?
      2) There are two numbers on the rug, but instead of dots they use bars. If you could erase all lines that don’t touch a bar, it would be easier to see. Each of the two numbers is stretched in a different direction. One number is stretched from NW-to-SE (or knights-to-chest direction) and the other is stretched from NE-to-SW (or rat-to-candelabra direction).
      3) The number stretched from NE-to-SW is 468, made from 3 sets of bars and their connecting lines, stretched from NE-to-SW (plus a bunch of lines that don’t touch the bars, and one extra bar with a line that goes through it).
      4) The other number stretches from NW-to-SE and you can tell it is four digits, because there are 4 sets (of three) bars stretched from NW-to-SE with their connecting lines (plus distracting lines).
      If you’re still having trouble, try using your finger to trace along the lines that touch each set of bars.
      You can always subtract 468 from the answer to get the second number, if you want to know what number it is that you’re trying to trace out.

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  1. Can you help me understand puzzle number 5, the descendants? It said there were two approaches, one to find the descendant who did not resemble parents or grandparents. If that is supposed to show us bottom right, I am at a loss. There are others that do not resemble parents/grands, for example bottom left. The send approach was to compare birth and death dates. Could not find a pattern. Thanks for your help!


    • I’m sorry, my photos are really not good enough to work with here, and I don’t remember this well. I think I did the numbers, first doing the subtraction (1366-852=514 for the first), and then looked at the resulting numbers. I can’t make them all out, so I can’t say for sure what the pattern was.


    • Here are the dates under the descendants:
      1st generation
      1366-852 (514)
      1283-1138 (145)
      2nd generation
      1186-771 (415)
      1112-571 (541)
      1496-1342 (154)
      1803-1352 (451)
      1696-1551 (145)
      1503-962 (541)
      3rd generation
      1776-1325 (451)
      1383-1238 (145)
      1512-971 (541)
      1447-996 (451)
      1813-1659 (154)
      1786-1272 (514)
      1596-1055 (541)
      1383-1238 (145)
      1396-413 (983)
      In the mirror, there is a light streak over the last family member. That may be just a coincidence or it may be a hint.


  2. There is an 8th puzzle at the base of the vampire’s sarcophagus. The Roman numerals. We had to look up the answer for this, as even the hints didn’t make sense. I didn’t see the logic in their solution.


  3. This is really a horrible entry in a really good puzzle series. The fact that one of the numbered pieces in the solution is practically impossible to see with the naked eye (the family tree piece) puts the frustration level of this puzzle over the top. Add to that the puzzle that in no way looks like a puzzle that you would ever think to solve and that the final solution doesn’t FIT in the puzzle the way other puzzles in the series almost guarantees that you will never feel like you have done this correctly. It’s pretty much impossible to solve all 8 without any assistance, so by all means use the help if you have this puzzle. Avoid this one and try the others, not even close to fun on this one.

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    • Certainly, if you want to solve the puzzles without help, this is probably one of the worst puzzles in the series. For me, it’s more about the jigsaw, I’m happy if I can solve one or two puzzles without help 🙂 I thought the final solution fit well enough, but there may be variations in different production runs. My copy of the The Temple Grounds has a solution that doesn’t match up (the printing is off), but I know others have copies without this problem. One reader sent me a photo of the solution for the Unicorn were the the solution was very badly off, but my copy is fine. Looks like it’s a bit of a lottery.


  4. Hello…
    even if I wasn’t able to solve all the mysteries, ( i solved 4 of them alone !!!) I thought the 8th was the colored flags…. Or the strange crosses on the axe on the right…

    HOW the hell can I imagine that the 8th puzzle was the wrecked floor? Is there a clue somewhere? Has anyone sees something that leeds to this floor?

    This puzzles are already so hard… but if noone can figure what is the puzzle… it became almost impossible to solve… and more if they add false enigmas (the flags and axes)

    Finally I’m very frustrated…


    • Well done solving 4 of these without help! I don’t think there’s a anything pointing to the broken floor tiles as a mystery to solve, and I often find that identifying the mysteries is very difficult.


      • Wellington, I’ve build the witch kitchen in maybe 5-6 hours. And solved the riddles in 1-2 hours… everything was nicely identified even if the picture seems to be a mess…

        This cave is less messy, by far, but there’s things (as the mirror) or the flags, or the robe, the skulls… that could be puzzles… as much as the wrecked tiles…

        Finally, before I decided to look for help, I checked all the pieces that match with my 4 confirmed pieces (rug, descendant, shields and flames/frames/swords) and I found the final solution…

        PS: the french version of the tips given by ravensburger didn’t mention the painting as a model for the armor riddle… and as the frames where already counted in a puzzle… I haven’t considered it as a clue.

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    • You could say the skulls are a clue, as they look along the lines of the tiles, maybe hinting that there’s a grid to be considered.


  5. One more thing…

    My experience of Escape games learned me something about riddles… if a player need a specific knoledge to solve the enigma, it is a bad enigma.

    In this case the roman mathematics are a specific knowledge ( I needed to search the web to understand this one… and even with this help I haven’t succeed to find the answer…)

    Conclusion: Nice illustration pic, great coulours, poor Escape section…


  6. Was anyone able to read or understand the title of the book next to the teeth in the glass?


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