Paradise Sunset, 2021-04-09 (22)

This is my final (and 22nd) post about Paradise Sunset. I managed to place all the sections together, although I was too lazy to actually connect them. Also, it was impossible to get the whole puzzle in the same photo, but here are a couple of photos:

Paradise Sunset, Ravensburger, 18 000 pieces. Completed on April 9, 2021.

I started the first section on April 19, 2019, so it took me about two years, although I did a lot of other puzzles between the sections. All in all, I worked on this for about 25 weeks. The first section (top left) took the longest, 11 weeks, but that was because I spent at least half of that time in Dortmund. The second section (bottom left) took 3,5 weeks and the third (top right) 3 weeks. I started on the last section right away after I finished the third, and was a bit unmotivated, which is why it took me 7,5 weeks.

I actually think that this would have worked better as a smaller puzzle, because some of the photoshopping looked pretty bad close up, but from a distance, it looks very nice. Also, I didn’t really enjoy puzzling on the felt that I had to use in order to be able to roll the completed sections up, I’m very happy to be able to puzzle directly on the table again.

Working on this also made me think about the large puzzles I still have in my to-to pile. I have the 18K Ravensburger puzzle with four old maps, and the 40K Mickey Mouse puzzle (also Ravensburger) with 10 different images. I’ve decided to treat these puzzles as 4 and 10 4500- / 4000-piece puzzles, and I’m not going to connect the sections. I’ll just do one section and then take it apart. There is one puzzle where I will still use the felt roll-ups, and that is the 9K Bombardment of Algiers (also Ravensburger). That’s a beautiful image, and I will want to put it together. All of the other puzzles that I haven’t done yet will fit on my table in Helsinki (the table in Dortmund is a bit smaller and 5K puzzles won’t fit on it). I do, however, have two puzzles that I would like to do again one day, the 8K 2000 Years by Heye and the 10K Garden of Earthly Delights by Educa, and when I took them apart, I didn’t do it sections, so that the pieces are now mixed. Originally the Heye was 2×4000 pieces and the Educa 5×2000 pieces, and I’m not sure how I’ll be able to manage now that they are actually 8000 and 10 000 pieces…

Paradise Sunset, Section 4 Complete (21)

I finally managed to finish the last section of Paradise Sunset. Took me almost two months, as I’ve spent less time than usual puzzling. It was probably the easiest of the four sections, but I was feeling a bit unmotivated.

I managed to lose another piece, that’s a total of four missing pieces in the whole puzzle.

Now I have to move some furniture to put all the sections together.

Old Map, 2021-01-10

This puzzle has a thin layer of cork on top of the cardboard. I certainly preferred this to the “wood-effect”, but it doesn’t age well. You can see some white dots on the puzzle where the cork layer has been worn away. I bought it used, so I don’t know how many times this has been completed, but the cork layer seems really fragile. Clementoni probably also decided that cork wasn’t a good idea, because I can’t remember seeing any other puzzles like this.

Old Map, Clementoni, 500 pieces. Completed on January 10, 2021.

Paradise Sunset, Section 4 In Progress (20)

I’m still slowly working on Paradise Sunset. I’ve moved on to the the vegetation, and the red and violet flowers are pretty much done. At first, I kept the sections I was doing on sheets of cardboard until I could connect them to the edges, because moving sections around on the felt is difficult, but eventually, I felt it was slowing me down, so I’ve now placed everything on the table. I was also able to connect some sections that I wasn’t expecting to connect yet.

Germany, 2021-01-02

I’m on vacation for two weeks from today, and I should really be on a ferry to Germany with my car, but because the corona situation is worse again, I’m staying in Helsinki, for now, anyway. Instead of the real thing, here’s this rather difficult map of Germany produced for the German post. Excellent quality, but no indication who actually manufactured it. Only 387 pieces, but it took a while. Black and yellow are of course my favourite colours, but it would have been easier with some other colours as well.

Germany, Postdienst – Deutsche Bundespost, 387 pieces. Completed on January 2, 2021.

This really brought home to me how much easier a map is when you know the area well – I had no problem putting together this bit, and I could place the biggest cities, but with a lot of places I had no idea where they are, or I knew whether it was in East or West Germany before unification, but that’s all. I learned a thing or two 🙂

No year on the box, but there was a text mentioning the post-reunification postcode reform of 1993, so probably mid 90’s, I guess.

Sparkasse Karlsruhe, 2021-01-01

I found this puzzle inside the box of another puzzle. It was in an open plastic bag, and I had to fish out quite a few pieces from the box. I may have missed some, because I didn’t even do the original puzzle – it was horrible quality and the image layer had separated completely from many pieces. I’m not sure it would even have been possible to complete it, it definitely wouldn’t have been a pleasure. Anyway, this “extra” puzzle is a Ravensburger (I’m pretty certain even though there’s no box), and there was a post card with the image. I’m sure there was a box, too, originally, but this is all I got. A whopping 8 pieces missing, but I wasn’t really surprised.

Sparkasse Karlsruhe, Ravensburger, 500 pieces. Completed on January 1, 2021.

The image is dated 15.5.1990, so the puzzle would probably be from the early to mid 90’s.