The Haywain Triptych, 2022-08-28

This is a painting from ca. 1516 by Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. If I didn’t know how old this painting actually is , I would find it very hard to date, there is something ageless about Bosch.

I was quite pleased with myself for recognizing the scenes on the left (Adam and Eve being thrown out of Paradise), but then I assumed the central piece was some sort of harvest festival. I should have known better, it actually depicts people engaging in various sins, and on the right there is hell, where all the sinning leads to.

The Haywain Triptych by Hieronymus Bosch, Bluebird, 1000 pieces. Completed on August 27, 2022.

By the way, a haywain is a hay wagon – I had to look it up.

The Sea at Satta, 2022-04-14

I’m back in Dortmund for Easter, and started off with this beautiful puzzle. It’s a woodblock print from 1859 by Japanese artist Hiroshige. The mountain in the background is mount Fuji.

Not the easiest puzzle I’ve ever done, but well worth it for the lovely image. At the end, I had maybe 120 pieces that were all white, but there was a good mix of piece shapes, so that helped.

The Sea at Satta, Suruga Province, 1859 by Hiroshige, Bluebird, 1000 pieces. Completed on April 14, 2022.

Burning Giraffe, 2022-02-14

Another puzzle with a Dalí image. Many Bluebird art puzzles have gone a bit wild with the colour saturation, but that’s definitely not the case here. The image on Wikpedia looks more saturated than this, but photos can be deceiving, and even more so when viewed on a computer.

Burning Giraffe by Salvador Dalí, Bluebird, 1000 pieces. Completed on February 14, 2022.

There is an actual burning giraffe in the image, to the left, although I didn’t notice it before I started doing the puzzle. Dalí had used the burning giraffe image before, and according to Wikipedia, “Dalí described this image as “the masculine cosmic apocalyptic monster”. He believed it to be a premonition of war.” The painting is from 1937, when Spain was in the middle of a civil war.

Dark Chill, 2022-01-29

Another wonderful Kandinsky. There was quite a lot of blue, but it wasn’t too much of a problem. When I finally sorted the remaining pieces by shape, I found that the the smallest pile was the one with two tabs opposite. This was my first Bluebird with a large area of the same colour, and the cut was OK, although not excellent. Pieces sometimes fit where they don’t belong, at least if you don’t look carefully 🙂 This 1000-piece puzzle was made in Poland, unlike the larger Bluebirds that are made in Turkey. I think the cut of the larger puzzles is better.

Dark Chill by Kandinsky, Bluebird, 1000 pieces. Completed on January 29, 2022.

The title on the box was in German and French only (Dunkle Kühle / Fraîcheur sombre), and the translation is mine (I don’t know if there is an established English translation). The painting is from 1927, when Kandinsky was working in Germany. He left when the Nazis took over.

Colourful African Village, 2021-12-06

This turned out to be another all-nighter 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever done a 1500 puzzle in one sitting before, but it happened with this one. I just took a short pause when I needed to eat. The colours actually look brighter than on this photo, but this was the best I could do ( I tried both artificial and natural light).

Colourful African Village, Bluebird Puzzle, 1500 pieces.

This was my third Bluebird Puzzle. The brand is French, but the puzzles are manufactured in Turkey and Poland. I have a bunch of 1000-piece puzzles, all made in Poland. I’ve only done one of those, but that had regular grid cut pieces, while the two others I’ve done (1500 and 3000 pieces) have had very small pieces. This finished puzzle is the size of a 1000-piece puzzle. Here’s a piece from a Schmidt puzzle on the left and one from this one on the right:

I don’t mind the small pieces, although I would appreciate a heads up on the box – now you have to look at the piece count and the size and do the math. Anyway, the quality is nice (both for the Polish and Turkish puzzles), the price is low and there are many nice images, so I’m happy 🙂

Trente, 2021-09-19

I knew this would be difficult, but I can’t remember when I last spent an entire week on one 1000 piece puzzle. The image is a Kandinsky from 1937, and I really like it, but it was so hard. Only the three gridlike squares (top right, middle of the right edge, and bottom left) were reasonably easy, after that all pieces looked pretty much the same 🙂

Trente by Kandinsky, Bluebird, 1000 pieces. Completed on September 20, 2021.

This was my second Bluebird puzzle. It’s a French brand, but the puzzles are manufactured in various countries. The first I did was made in Turkey, and this one in Poland. The cut is different, this one is much closer to what I would consider a normal grid cut, whereas the first (3K puzzle) that I did somehow was much more “pointy” (you can see closeups in the post about that puzzle, I think you’ll see what I mean). The pieces were also what I would call normal size, whereas the pieces of the 3K puzzle were much smaller than usual. The quality is nice, but not spectacular, but very good value since Bluebird puzzles are far from expensive. You can easily pay more for far worse quality.

I’m definitely doing something easy next!

Library Adventures in Reading, 2019-08-19

Finished. This was my first Bluebird Puzzle, and overall my impressions are positive. The brand is based in France, and this puzzle was produced in Turkey. The pieces were much smaller than usual, this 3000 piece puzzle is the same size as a 2000-piece Ravensburger or Heye. There was a good mix of piece shapes, and I don’t think the two-tabs-opposite type was even a majority. The fit was also good (pieces only fit where they belong), but tighter than with Ravensburger or Heye. I enjoyed it, there was this satisfying little sound when I pressed a piece into place, but some probably prefer a looser fit. It did come apart pretty easily.

I wasn’t 100% happy with the image (more on that below), but especially with the low price (less than 20 EUR), it was well worth it. Oh, and the box is no bigger than it needs to be to hold the pieces – I always love that 🙂

Library Adventures in Reading by Alixandra Mullins, Bluebird Puzzle, 3000 pieces. Completed on August 19th, 2019.

I like the book-birds (butterflies?)


Gardening with starlight and a knight.


Love the ice bear, but not happy with the mirror-image titles in the background.


This house was my favourite mini-image.


So, there were a couple of things with the image I wasn’t happy with. The same books appeared multiple times, and some of the time the books in the background were seen as through a mirror. I presume this is due to sloppy photoshopping.

There’s been some discussion in the Jigsaw Puzzle Enthusiasts FB group lately about increased use of  Photoshop (or equivalent software), and not everyone is happy about it. It’s been pointed out that there are suddenly a lot of Parisian street scenes from Ravensburger, with only small differences. Sometimes the exact same elements are repeated. Personally, I thought I didn’t have a problem with this until now, but I think I now have to revise my position a bit. There were some horrible examples in the group, including a flower that ends abruptly (not by Ravensburger).

I still think it’s fine as long as it is done well (it is in the Ravensburger puzzles), and it’s not too noticeable. Based on this experience, I think it becomes noticeable to me when text is repeated, which is why I didn’t like having the same books in the background. Obviously, it’s cheaper to do a small section of background and then just repeat that than making a larger, more varied background, but clearly, this can go too far. I would love to hear what you think!

Library Adventures in Reading, In Progress

I finished the first half of the puzzle, and I’m very happy with the way the pieces fit. It’s a bit tighter than most brands, but not too much. You have to push a bit, but there’s no danger of placing a piece wrong.


A closer look at the image is a bit disappointing, though. Below some titles appear as a mirror image, and some books appear multiple times. Feels a bit sloppy.


(Btw, we did win yesterday, 5-1, in case anyone was wondering 😀 )

Library Adventures in Reading, Starting

I’m trying out a new brand, Bluebird Puzzle. The puzzle is made in Turkey, but Bluebird Puzzle is based in France. Ideally, I prefer to try a smaller puzzle first, but I really liked this image, so I ended up getting it. The puzzles are quite affordable. The pieces came in two bags of 1500 pieces, and I’m not mixing them.


The pieces are extremely small. Below on the left is a piece from a 500-piece Ravensburger, in the middle a 1000 piece Heye and on the left one from this puzzle. The finished puzzle is the size of a normal 2000 piece puzzle.


I spread out the pieces and found many were connected. They were, however, all properly cut through, and separated very easily.