Spaghetti della Mamma, 2020-12-23

A wonderful Marino Degano image from 2006. I bought this used on ebay, but it turned out to be complete. The edges were in a separate bag, and since there’s a border, I did them last.

Spaghetti della Mamma by Marino Degano, Heye, 1500 pieces. Completed on December 23, 2020.

Some of the pieces were strangely discoloured, and this can be seen most clearly in the areas where you could see a background colour, like on the image below. The pieces have definitely not gotten wet, because in my experience that always leaves some permanent swelling, and the only other thing I can think of is light. But that doesn’t make much sense either, because it looks like only some pieces have been exposed to light. I could understand discolouration by fading if the puzzle had been mounted at some time, but that wouldn’t affect some pieces this randomly. If anyone has a theory what caused this, I would love to hear it. It did make the background areas a bit more difficult than they would otherwise have been – in busy puzzles like this they’re usually the easiest part.

Otherwise, the puzzle was not all that easy, but a joy from start to finish. In case I’ve not mentioned it often enough, Marino Degano is my favourite Heye artist.

La mamma at her stove:

The ketchup police writes a ticket…

… although there seem to be more serious crimes to investigate:

In Degano puzzles I always look for evidence of football, and I usually find it:

All in all a great puzzle, I loved working out all of the funny scenes.

Heye 2021 Catalog & a Wasgij

The Heye catalog for 2021 is here, and there are some great new additions. There’s a stunning new puzzle in the Inner Mystic series by Andy Kehoe, a new installment in the Funky Zoo series by Marino Degano (Transylvanian habitat), and as some other cartoon puzzles that I absolutely have to get. Some of the puzzles are already out, and I got one of them, the first 2000-piece Zozoville-puzzle:


I recently completed this Wasgij-puzzle, and you can find a photo of the completed puzzle on my Mystery Puzzle Spoiler page:

Cats in Positano, 2020-10-31

This was my first eeBoo-puzzle. They’ve recently become available on Puzzle-Offensive, where I often shop, and since they have many lovely images I decided to try one.

Cats in Positano, eeBoo, 1000 pieces. Completed on October 31, 2020.

The finish is probably the shiniest I’ve ever come across. There was a good mix of piece shapes, but the precision of the cut wasn’t great – it wasn’t always easy to know if a piece belongs or not. All in all it still added up to a nice experience. The eeBoo puzzles are pretty expensive (most American brands are expensive in Europe), but I may well get one every now and then, for the great images.

My first reaction when I saw the title was “what cats”, but there actually are a couple of cats there:

A Note To the Past, 2020-08-09

My third Art Puzzle, and this time the fit was good again. It was a bit off in my second one,  but this was excellent quality. The image wasn’t all that easy, of course, the colours aren’t exactly bright, but it was still a nice puzzle. There were a lot of white pieces, even bits of the table looked white. A few words on the paper would have been nice 🙂
A Note To the Past, Art Puzzle, 1000 pieces. Completed on August 9, 2020.

I have fond memories of this type of storm lamp, we had a lot of them at our summer cottage. We did have electricity, but not all that much, so we kept that for essentials like fridge and TV in order not to overload the system.

Venezia, 2020-10-20

Venezia, Clementoni, 500 pieces. Completed on October 20, 2020.

This is part of a Clementoni series of puzzles with what they call a “wood-effect”, and on the box it even says “Wood Puzzle”. It’s not of wood, though, just ordinary cardboard, and the “wood effect” consists of the pieces having grooves that make it look like wood:

I know I’ve said many times that I’ve never met a 500-piece Clementoni that I didn’t like, but I’m afraid that run came to end with this one. The image (of Venice) was darker than on the box, and the grooves affected the fit, so that it was difficult to know whether a piece belongs or not. Good thing I got this cheap. It seems the series has been discontinued, and I won’t be getting any more of them in any case.

Ani in the Afterlife in Front of Osiris, 2020-10-01

This was a great puzzle, definitely a genuine image from an Egyptian Book of the Dead. Ani has arrived in the afterlife and is now to be judged by Osiris. I have no idea what that thing on Ani’s head is, but it looks like the flash on a police car to me 🙂

Ani in the Afterlife in Front of Osiris, Grafika, 1000 pieces. Completed on October 1, 2020.

It was a fun as a puzzle, even though it’s not all that colourful, but there were a lot of different patterns. Loved it!

Ginger & Fred, 2020-08-23

This is post number 500 on my blog! I missed my two-year anniversary at the end of October, despite WordPress reminding me, but here’s a dancing house to celebrate both post no 500 and two years 🙂

Funny image by RJ Crisp. I was surprised to find out that this house actually exists, in Prague. It’s usually called the Dancing House, althoug the American architect used the name Ginger and Fred as a working name (after Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, of course. More on wikipedia).

Ginger & Fred RJ Crisp, Heye, 1000 pieces. Completed on August 23, 2020.

Some boys are mooning the city from a tram.

Hippes get a surprise hair cut.

Not a neighbor I would choose…

Great fun!

Suomi – Finland, 2020-04-06

Today is independence day in Finland, so here is an extra post with a puzzle to match.

A Ravensburger collage with images from Finland. Finland is called Suomi in Finnish. The bottom image on the left shows the tower of the National Museum, and on the left is Parliament House (it just looks like a grey block here). The top image on the right shows Olavinlinna, a 15th Century castle located in Savonlinna. Every summer it is the scene of an international opera festival. Underneath is an image of Helsinki seen from the sea, then a landscape from Lapland (I think), and on the bottom, I think there are fisherman’s huts. (4)
Suomi – Finland, Ravensburger, 1000 pieces. Completed on April 6, 2020.

I loved doing this, it was so much fun, and, of course, brilliant quality.

This is probably what many people think of when they think of Finland, a cottage in an isolated winter wonderland. (5)

Helsinki is definitely at its most beautiful when seen from the sea. (7)

This autumn landscape is probably from Lapland. (6)

I don’t usually do borders first, but it worked well with this puzzle. (3)

Coral Reef, 2020-06-19

I think this is my first underwater image, and I wasn’t all that impressed. Strange, because I really like images of the sea, but apparently, I prefer the images to be above sea level. I did enjoy the panorama format, though. (17)
Coral Reef, Clementoni, 1000 pieces. Completed on June 19, 2020.