Firuzabad, 2020-02-28

I got this wonderful puzzle in a swap with Stacey from My Jigsaw Journal. It’s from the MoMA Collection of Galison. Great quality and I love the image! I also enjoyed the irregular cut.

Firuzabad by Frank Stella, Galison, 750 pieces. Completed on February 28th, 2020.

I actually expected this to be a bit more difficult, but it turned out to be pretty easy to pull out all the pieces of a particular colour. I then completed many of the arcs and later put them all together. Definitely not a puzzle where you start with the edges 🙂


Thank you again, Stacey, it’s a great puzzle!


Goal, 2020-03-25

A wonderful Heye puzzle from 1992. The cut is great, with many variations, and of course, I love the image. This is my official “I miss football”-post. I know there are more important things, especially right now, but I do miss it, both the game itself and the whole experience in the stadium. The Bundesliga is, of course, suspended, and it’s uncertain if it will be possible to play out the season. Even if it is, it will probably be without spectators, to empty stadiums.
Goal by Mordillo, Heye, 1000 pieces. Completed on March 25, 2020.

I’m in Finland, working from home. When I last left Dortmund on March 3, I thought I would be back in 10 days, but now I know, I won’t be able to get there before the summer. Dortmund and Germany seem very far away right now. Apart from missing football and Germany, I am fine. I’m healthy, and I can do my job from home just fine,  I even quite enjoy it. I hope all of you are also safe and well!


Happy Skiing, 2020-03-21

An old Heye (I think late ’70s or early ’80s), two pieces missing. Featuring the only snow I’ve seen this year. It was a miserable winter in the south of Finland.
Happy Skiing by Loup, Heye, 500 pieces. Completed on March 21, 2020.

The puzzle was quite easy, despite all the white areas.

Cycle Race, 2020-02-26

I had more fun with this than I had any right to. Blachon is not my favourite artist, and the puzzle is busier than I usually prefer, but somehow I loved every minute 🙂

Cycle Race by Blachon, Heye, 1000 pieces. Completed on February 26th, 2020.

There were some fun details including … a foot fetishist?


I love the St Bernard sheep 🙂


The thing that made me most happy with this puzzle was that the quality was great. I had a bad experience, quality-wise, with a Heye from 2016, and this is from 2019. So, perhaps they tried using thinner cardboard for a year but then went back to better quality. I also opened one of the puzzles I bought from this year’s releases, and that’s fine too. I’m so relieved!


Another Exit / Escape Update

The first of the new Ravensburger Exit puzzles is now up on German Amazon:


It should be available by the end of March, but I’ll be waiting for a better price, because this costs a lot more than I paid for the previous puzzles, AND it’s just 368 pieces (all of the previous ones are 759 pieces).

In the mean time, I redid Dragon Laboratory and Vampire Castle, and those spoiler pages have now been updated with more information about the individual puzzles. For some puzzles, the explanations on the Ravensburger help page were so good that I had nothing to add, but for many puzzles I’ve added my own explanations. In the Vampire castle there was also the first puzzle that I really couldn’t solve. It’s an optical puzzle, where you are supposed to see something when you look at an angle, but I just can’t find the right angle.

I now have detailed help for 4 of the 8 Exit-puzzles, and help on the final solution + photos of the finished puzzles for the rest. Now I’m going to do some other puzzles, but I will get back to the Exit puzzles again at some point!

Spirits of the World, 2020-02-21

I originally completed this in 2017, but I have no photo of that. Later I took the puzzle to work, where both staff and customers have worked on it. There’s a piece missing in the photo, but I found it after I had taken the puzzle apart. Yes Roomba, I’m looking at you again.

img_20200221_195429 (1)
Spirits of the World, Piatnik, 1000 pieces. Completed on February 21st, 2020.

IMG_20200223_144029 (1)

A very enjoyable puzzle! The pieces for most of the different bottles were easy to pick out, and at the end, I was left with a small number of white(ish) pieces.

I was moved to have a glass of port 🙂

img_20200220_225055 (1)


Wasgij? Childcare!, 2020-02-17

Very enjoyable, as usual! Not the easiest mystery puzzle I’ve ever done, there were so many small faces in this 🙂 Also, I wouldn’t like do a Jumbo with large areas of the same colour, then I would be uncertain if a piece belongs or not, but with these busy images, it’s fine.

Wasgij? Mystery Puzzle 11: Childcare! by Bill Houston, Jumbo, 1000 pieces. Completed on February 17th, 2020.

I won’t show the finished puzzle here, but if you want to see it, you can find it on my mystery puzzle spoiler page. Loved the angry girl 🙂


Exit / Escape Update

An extra post today, outside my normal schedule of Tuesday & Friday.

When I set up my spoiler page for the Exit / Escape series, I decided to leave the puzzles within the puzzle to Ravensburger, since they do provide hints. Even though Ravensburger provides hints and answers, I’ve gotten quite a lot of messages from people who want to know exactly how you are supposed to get to the correct answer. Most questions were about the Observatory and some about the Witches Kitchen, and I used to answer them privately. For these two puzzles I’ve now added explanations of the puzzles within the puzzle, and I also split the single spoiler page so that there is one page for joint issues, and then every puzzle also has its own spoiler page. The single-page was getting too long and difficult to manage, in fact, I found that I had inadvertently copy-pasted in some German text about football. Oops 🙂 The spoiler page for the Witches Kitchen is here and the one for the Observatory is here. I also went back and put in links to the individual spoiler pages for all the puzzles in the series where I had posted about them.

I redid both of these puzzles for this little project:

The Witches Kitchen
The Observatory

They are so much fun, and also, my photos weren’t good enough to work out all the details I needed for the puzzles. Actually, I think I’m going to continue redoing this series. These two are the ones that get the most traffic on my blog, and the next two are Vampire Castle and Dragon Laboratory. I think they’re up next 🙂 With at least two puzzles (The Temple Grounds and The Curse of the Wolves) I will try to work from photos if I decide to try to explain the puzzles – they were quite difficult.

It also looks like Ravensburger is getting ready to release some new puzzles in the series, Their help page already has entries for three new puzzles: Unicorn, Green House and Toy Factory. The Toy factory looks especially nice, but I’m getting them all as soon as they are available 🙂

On a Treasure Hunt, 2020-02-16

A puzzle with Gelinis, gummy bear characters from Germany (the German title is Gelinis on a Treasure Hunt). Germans love gummy bears, small bear-shaped candies. I’ve seen puzzles of up to 5000 pieces with Gelinis, but this is the first I’ve done. It was very entertaining, and also quite easy. (4)
On a Treasure Hunt, Ravensburger, 500 pieces. Completed on February 16th, 2020.

With the puzzle, there were also fake gems that you can glue on the puzzle (glue was also included). Didn’t do that, obviously 🙂

The Defense of the Sampo #2, 2020-02-19

And here’s a cartoon version of the painting from last week! Author and artist Mauri Kunnas has made an illustrated version for children of the Finnish national epic Kaleva, called The Kalevala of Dogs. All the characters are dogs, although here the bad guys look more like wolves, I think.

The Defense of the Sampo by Mauri Kunnas, Peliko, 500 pieces. Completed on February 19th, 2020.

The witch definitely looks like a wolf in a wig, reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood 🙂


I love the little self portrait with the signature.


There’s also a more warlike version of the self portrait, my favourite detail in the image 🙂


The quality wasn’t great, as usual with Peliko, but I loved the image!