Handsome Hearts, 2019-10-29

I finally got around to finishing the puzzle that my Roomba knocked over. It was actually very enjoyable. If my usual refrain is “This was much harder than I expected”, this was the opposite, quite easy, really. Even though it’s all red, there are different shades and also, the texture of the background varies. In fact, I didn’t look at the box at all while doing this, mainly because I was too lazy to get up and get it. I wasn’t even sure if it was portrait or landscape, I started sooo long ago.

Handsome Hearts by Andrea Tilk, Heye, 500 pieces. Completed on October 29th, 2019.

Once again a puzzle I probably wouldn’t have picked out myself, but I got it in a big bag of 500-piece puzzles, and I loved it. In fact, I’ve loved every puzzle I’ve pulled out of that bag, and I’ve been doing the ones I didn’t expect to like first ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve done the yellow puzzle in this series, and I still have the blue one to go.

Antonio, 2007-11-29

It’s one year today since I started this blog. To celebrate here’s a slightly naughty picture of a naked man sleeping. Notice how the glare conveniently doubles as censorship ๐Ÿ™‚

Antonio, Schmidt, 1000 pieces. Completed on November 29th, 2007.

Black and white images are always difficult, and this was no exception.

While I don’t have a picture without glare, I do have one where the glare is in a different place. So, if you want to see what the glare is covering in the picture above, here it is:


The Curse of the Wolves, 2019-10-27

In this Exit/Escape-puzzle, I’m investigating why a group of settlers disappeared. Turns out, they’ve been turned into wolves!


The puzzle itself was quite challenging, only the sky was easy. The mysteries were a lot more difficult than in the previous puzzles, and I couldn’t solve any of them myself. The final solution was, however, quite easy. Since the finished puzzle is different from the image on the box I won’t show it here.ย  There are further details and spoilers about the series on the dedicated page. There is also an individual spoiler page for this puzzle.


New Arcade, 2018-09-16

Rosina Wachtmeister’s paintings almost always include cats, and this is no exception. It was much harder than it looks, but looking at the image now I still can’t work out why ๐Ÿ™‚

New Arcade by Rosina Wachtmeister, Heye, 1000 pieces. Completed on September 16th, 2018.


Best Sellers, 2019-10-25

This puzzle was brought into the library by someone, and I borrowed it to do at home. It still has all the pieces, in fact, there’s one piece extra. Book covers always make a great image for puzzling. Many of these books I know better as movies, like The Godfather, Gone With the Wind and Tarzan.

Best Sellers by Charlie Girard, White Mountain Puzzles. Completed on October 25th, 2019.

My favourite cover is The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. I’ve read the book, and the movie is brilliant as well, with Maggie Smith giving possibly the best performance of her life. And that’s saying something!


The twins.


Venice, 2018-09-20

Great puzzle with many fun details! Venice has wanted to ban large cruise ships in the Venice lagoon for years for the damage they do, but it is, of course, difficult, because they obviously bring a lot of money.ย  Here, it seems one ship is turned away.

I was on a cruise from Venice once, it was in December 2010, and when we returned, it snowed. The Piazza San Marco in the snow was, perhaps, even more beautiful than usual, but I do understand the need to move cruise ships further away from the historic town.

Venice by RJ Crisp, Heye, 1500 pieces. Completed on September 20th, 2018

Epanouissement colorรฉ, 2019-10-21

I finally finished this! I knew the red bit was going to challenging, but I didn’t expect it to take almost two months ๐Ÿ™‚ The black doodles were not much help, but the quality was good, and there were also some differences in shade, with some areas brighter red than others.

Enter a caption

There were over 500 red pieces, and when there were about 430 left I started using an app to keep count of how many pieces I’d placed. I’ve tried it before, but I always forgot to use it after a couple of pieces, but here it worked well, and it was good to see progress on the counter when somehow the puzzle looked the same … I used the counter until I had about 160 pieces left, after that it went so fast there was no point anymore.

I really like the image, too bad about the missing piece (near the top, in the black area).