Insta-Girls Life, 2022-04-24

My first of the new Heyes from this year. This was one of the very few Marino Degano-puzzles that I’ve found to be just OK, instead of wonderful.

Insta-Girls Life by Marino Degano, Heye, 1000 pieces. Completed on April 24, 2022.

Almost the same image has previously been released as Pin-Up (1500 pieces), although there were some post me-too additions, like this:

Pac-Man, 2022-04-23

This was fun, and some serious 80’s nostalgia. While this seems to be an arcade version, Pac-Man was also available for home computers (probably the Commodore 64), and while I didn’t play much (that was more my brother’s thing), I can certainly remember the infuriating music (if that’s the right word) that accompanied the game. I’m sure you can find the sound online, but I don’t recommend you go looking for it. I definitely won’t 🙂

Pac-Man, Ravensburger, 500 pieces. Completed on April 23, 2022.

Staged Happiness, 2022-04-22

I’m back in Helsinki, and I finished the puzzle that I started before my Easter break. Another Kaj Stenvall duck image, but this one wasn’t as much fun as the previous one. The cut is extremely boring, with only the basic piece shape with two tabs opposite, and I also managed to place some pieces wrong. I really hate it when I have to go back and take apart pieces that I already placed. Anyway, this should be the last of my Stenvalls with this boring cut. I’ve actually seen a photo of this puzzle, completed, with a different cut and some variety in piece shapes. I must say, I’m at least glad it was this puzzle, and not the white one that had the bad cut 🙂

Kaj Stenvall Collection: Staged Happiness by Kaj Stenvall, Tactic, 1000 pieces. Completed on April 22, 2022.

Cinderella, 2022-04-19

While the quality was, of course, great, I somehow found this just moderately entertaining, but I’m not exactly sure why. I definitely found the “pixie dust” annoying 🙂 I take my hat off to everyone who completed the 4000-piece version in the 40 000-piece disney collage, that must have been difficult!

Cinderella, Ravenburger, 1000 pieces. Completed on April 19, 2022.

Dog Show, 2022-04-16

Fun image that turned out a bit easier than I had expected. I thought I would have to look at the box quite a lot, but that wasn’t the case this time.

Dog Show by Birgit Tanck, Heye, 1000 pieces. Completed on April 16, 2022.

Lots of dogs looked like their owners:

There’s a royal visitor! I already noticed that the old lady wore a style very similar to what queen Elizabeth does, and the dog looking like a (very naughty) corgi and having a crown on its back clinched it.

NYC Apartment, 2022-04-15

Wonderful puzzle from the Ravensburger Apartment Envy-series. This was every bit as entertaining as I was expecting it to be.

Apartment Envy: NYC Apartment, Ravensburger, 1000 pieces. Completed on April 15, 2022.

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost a piece:

I competed the puzzle within one day, and I didn’t leave my apartment during that time. I did have a good look around, but I couldn’t find the piece.

The Sea at Satta, 2022-04-14

I’m back in Dortmund for Easter, and started off with this beautiful puzzle. It’s a woodblock print from 1859 by Japanese artist Hiroshige. The mountain in the background is mount Fuji.

Not the easiest puzzle I’ve ever done, but well worth it for the lovely image. At the end, I had maybe 120 pieces that were all white, but there was a good mix of piece shapes, so that helped.

The Sea at Satta, Suruga Province, 1859 by Hiroshige, Bluebird, 1000 pieces. Completed on April 14, 2022.

Coca Cola: Evergreen, 2022-04-10

I managed to find a Buffalo puzzle! I bought it used, and unfortunately, I forgot to ask the seller where she got it. Buffalo puzzles are not usually available in Finland, and this is only my second.

I was expecting this to be quite difficult because of the many white ColaCola texts against a red background. It wasn’t the easiest puzzle I’ve ever done, but when I got to the white-on-red texts (I did those last), I found it was possible to pick out the pieces for a particular logo.

Coca Cola: Evergreen, Buffalo, 1000 pieces. Completed on April 10, 2022.

I really liked this puzzle, and I actually also like coke – too bad you can’t get a bottle for 5 cents anymore 🙂