The Stony Bridge, 2018-12-05


Another easy one. I probably wouldn’t have gotten this a couple of years ago, but recently I have started to enjoy this type of “idyllic cottage” theme in puzzles.

The Stony Bridge by Dominic Davison, Castorland, 500 pieces. Completed on December 5th, 2018.

Castorland is a Polish manufacturer. The pieces are much thinner than Ravensburger or Heye, but not so thin that it’s a problem. The fit is excellent, and pieces only fit where they belong. Considering that their puzzles are much cheaper than the premium brands, I think they are excellent value.

One thought on “The Stony Bridge, 2018-12-05

  1. […] Turns out, Castorland also uses the same dies for 500 piece puzzles, but in this case, the puzzles fit on each other so that the other image needs to be upside down. That was something i hadn’t considered. The two jigsaws I used were Sunset Harbour and The Stony Bridge. […]


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