Paradise Sunset, Starting

I decided to start on the 18 000-piece sunset-puzzle! It’s my first ever 18 000-piece puzzle, the largest one so far was 10 000 pieces. It comes in four bags of 4500 pieces.


I had planned on grabbing a bag to start with at random, without knowing which corner I would start with, but turns out the bags are marked! I took A, so starting with palm trees and a temple.


First I spread out all the pieces on tree large pieces of cardboard. At the same time I pulled the edge pieces.


First connections.


One section fits on my table, and my plan is to assemble each on a large Ravensburger Puzzle RollΒ and then roll it up. IΒ only have two rolls, and both of those are in Dortmund, but I’ll try to find one in Helsinki. I’ll get the last one in Germany, I can get them cheaper there.


9 thoughts on “Paradise Sunset, Starting

  1. Great to see that you have started – Good Luck!! Do you plan to work solely on this or will you do others in between?

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