Heye 2022 Catalog Out!

Heye has finally released their catalog for 2022. The bad news is, there will be no new Funky Zoo puzzle this year. I hope Degano hasn’t run out of ideas, because I really love that series. There will, however, be three new Zozoville puzzles that I’m definitely getting, and one gorgeous new Andy Kehoe (it’s on the front page of the catalog). In the re-release section there’s one 500-piece Loup and one 1000-piece Degano that I’m definitely buying, but all in all I guess I’m getting off light this year. Only six new puzzles that I absolutely must have 🙂


6 thoughts on “Heye 2022 Catalog Out!

  1. I thought it was a lot better than last years catalogue which didn’t do it for me at all. I’ll be getting the new Gobel and Knorr one, the Degano reprint (they’ve renamed it – I think it used to be called pin up). The pair of Mordillo reprints and the 500 Loup one, the two butterfly metamorphosis grabbed me too as the funky cows did. Not many new large puzzles (and no large new large puzzles over 2000 😦 ) but I liked the Tanck 1500 country fair and the new 1000 Kory Paul one.

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    • I like many of the puzzles you mentioned, but only the six I mentioned are must-haves for me. I may get some of the others as well. I’m really disappointed that there’s no new Funky Zoo, though.


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