Narwahal, 2022-10-30

Not the easiest 500-piece puzzle I’ve ever done, but still enjoyable. The only part that was easy was the text.

Narwahal, Clementoni, 500 pieces. Completed on October 30, 2022.

5 thoughts on “Narwahal, 2022-10-30

  1. That is a great image! I can see how it could be quite challenging but at 500 pieces and with the variety of piece shapes, I think I’d be up for it. I’m going to see if this puzzle is available in the USA and add it to my wishlist.

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      • I just checked Amazon and it’s only being sold by third parties. I only like to buy puzzles (or anything else really) that are sold and shipped by Amazon.

        Puzzle Warehouse has it for $19.99, which is reasonable for an European imported puzzle, even though PW tends to charge more for all their puzzles. We’ll see….

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      • European brands like Ravensburger, Trefl, Clementoni, Gibsons, etc… are more expensive in the USA.

        Puzzle Warehouse is just pricey all around, they charge more for puzzles than the actual puzzle company does on their own website. Even for puzzles whose companies are based in the USA and the puzzles are made in the USA, like Buffalo.

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