Wasgij? 1: Sunday Drivers, 2019-09-04

I finally tried a WASGIJ?-puzzle. There are different types, but in this case, the box shows a situation from one perspective and the finished puzzle from another. I put up a new spoiler page where I can share images of finished mystery puzzles, you can find a photo of the completed puzzle there.

There were hints on the box, but I didn’t really use them. The puzzle was really fun to do, I enjoyed it very much. Also, I really identified with the Sunday driver 🙂

I’ve been avoiding Jumbo puzzles for years because I had problems with pieces fitting where they don’t belong, and that was still an issue. Of course, with an image like this, it’s not much of a problem, but I still wouldn’t want to do a Jumbo with a large area of the same colour.

Sunday Drivers by Graham Thompson, Jumbo, 500 pieces. Completed on September 4th, 2019.

Foot path to Much Snoring 🙂


Bruges, Belgium, 2019-06-08

My first Jumbo in a very long time. Unfortunately, the pieces still fit where they don’t belong, and that’s why I stopped doing Jumbos. I’m not saying I’m never doing another, but the image would have to be pretty interesting and there can be no large, monochrome areas. Two pieces missing, but I think I know where they can be found…

Bruges, Belgium, Jumbo, 500 pieces. Completed on June 8th, 2019.

I had an accident on the way. A lot of the pieces ended up under the chest of drawers, and I spent quite a while fishing pieces out from under it. When I finished the puzzle there were four pieces missing, so I went back and managed to find two of them. The chest of drawers is really heavy and has a TV and lots of other stuff on top, so I’m not moving it for this puzzle, but I’m pretty sure the final two pieces are still there.


Ancient Egypt, the Fakes, Vol 2

Some more not completely genuine Egyptian artwork.

Le pharaon et son épouse (The Pharaoh and His Spouse), Nathan, 2000 pieces. Completed on August 22nd, 2008.

I think this is a picture of a painting done on papyrus that is sold to tourists in Egypt. It’s definitely not ancient, the style is off, and nothing comes through that many centuries this intact 🙂 I actually have one of those tourist papyruses on my wall:

I like mine better 🙂 I was never in Egypt myself, my grandmother brought me this.

The Queen of Armana [sic], Jumbo, 1000 pieces. Completed on January 23rd, 2016.
Amarna is misspelt on the box. The queen in question is Nefertiti, wife of pharaoh Akhenaten, and the bust the painting is based on is in a museum in Berlin. The bust has its own Wikipedia entry, and it may not even be genuine.

I had quite a bit of trouble with the red part, even though it’s not a large area. Pieces would fit where they don’t belong, and soon nothing would fit anywhere. This was the last Jumbo puzzle I ever bought, and I’m not planning on getting more. Almost all pieces had the same basic shape. Stunning image though, and some glittering golden parts.

I had another puzzle from the same series, with a picture of Tutankhamon, also with glittering gold. According to my records, I completed it in November 2008, but I can’t find a photo of it.

UPDATE: I managed to find a photo after all:


Ancient Egypt, the Fakes, Vol 1

I like Ancient Egypt-themed puzzles. Some of them are pictures of actual Egyptian artwork, but most are of more recent production and only use ancient material as inspiration. Here are some of those.

Nefertari, Jumbo 1000 pieces. Completed on October 17th, 2007.

Nefertari was the wife of Ramesses the Great. She is here surrounded by various gods of Ancient Egypt, right in front of her mouth is Osiris, and above Osiris is Isis, I think. Oh dear, I used to recognize all of these gods…

Legends of the Nile, White Mountain Puzzles, 1000 pieces. Completed on November 21st, 2011.

This is very similar to the first one, with the same images around the central picture. Different brand though.

Egyptian Tarot, Lo Scarabeo, 2000 pieces. Completed on March 31st, 2008.

This was great fun, and I still have the puzzle. The manufacturer, Lo Scarabeo, apparently make tarot (and other types of) cards, but I’ve not run into any other puzzles by them. I managed to spill a drink on this, but I dried it out as best I could and intend to do it again one day.