Ani in the Afterlife in Front of Osiris, 2020-10-01

This was a great puzzle, definitely a genuine image from an Egyptian Book of the Dead. Ani has arrived in the afterlife and is now to be judged by Osiris. I have no idea what that thing on Ani’s head is, but it looks like the flash on a police car to me 🙂

Ani in the Afterlife in Front of Osiris, Grafika, 1000 pieces. Completed on October 1, 2020.

It was a fun as a puzzle, even though it’s not all that colourful, but there were a lot of different patterns. Loved it!

Rythme no 1, 2020-09-23

This abstract painting from 1938 made for a great puzzle. I always like abstract images with fields in different colours. Before I started, I thought there might be too much grey in this image, but eventually, there weren’t that many pieces that were all grey. Great puzzle, great Grafika quality, this time with the glossy finish (some Grafika puzzles have a matte finish, but I find the glossy version is more common).

Rythme no 1 by Robert Delaunay, Grafika, 1500 pieces. Completed on September 23, 2020.

Les Fêtes de Paris, 1886, 2020-04-11

A poster for an opera “gala” in Paris in 1886 by Eugène Grasset. It made for a very enjoyable puzzle, and it was just the right amount of challenging. I loved it! I did the text with the yellow background first, that was easy to pick out, but as for the rest, I just picked a few pieces with the same colouring and got a few pieces in here and there.
Les Fêtes de Paris, 1886 by Eugène Grasset

A funny thing happened at the start. I did the edges first and thought I was done, but pretty far into the puzzle I noticed that I had placed one of the edge pieces wrong and that I was still missing (at least) one edge piece. As soon as I knew I was missing an edge piece, I found it almost immediately, although I had gone over the pieces many times already and not seen the edge piece. Sometimes I think I always find the pieces I’m not looking for, but this time it worked like it’s supposed to 🙂

The coat of arms of Paris, which has actually already made an appearance on this blog: (8)

The Latin phrase Fluctuat nec mergitur means “It is tossed [by the waves] but does not sink”

Rythme, Joie de Vivre, 2018-05-24

A painting by Robert Delaunay from 1930. This worked great as a puzzle and I enjoyed it very much.

Rythme, Joie de Vivre by Robert Delaunay, Grafika, 1500 pieces. Completed on May 24th, 2018.

There was one strange thing, though. We all know about pieces that fit where they don’t belong, but here I had the inverse problem of a piece not quite fitting where it very definitely does belong. Even though the photo is a bit blurred, you can see that two of the edge pieces don’t quite fit. There weren’t many edge pieces of this particular colour, though, and this was the only way to put them together that worked .


Epanouissement coloré, 2019-10-21

I finally finished this! I knew the red bit was going to challenging, but I didn’t expect it to take almost two months 🙂 The black doodles were not much help, but the quality was good, and there were also some differences in shade, with some areas brighter red than others.

Enter a caption

There were over 500 red pieces, and when there were about 430 left I started using an app to keep count of how many pieces I’d placed. I’ve tried it before, but I always forgot to use it after a couple of pieces, but here it worked well, and it was good to see progress on the counter when somehow the puzzle looked the same … I used the counter until I had about 160 pieces left, after that it went so fast there was no point anymore.

I really like the image, too bad about the missing piece (near the top, in the black area).

Epanouissement coloré, In Progress

So, I haven’t got much further with this. I finished the edges, and I’ve sorted the remaining pieces according to shape, but there are more than 500 of the red pieces…


Also, I managed to lose a piece. There’s no way there’s a black piece with some green still on the table, and I did an extensive search, including an unpleasant autopsy of a dustbag from my vacuum. That piece is gone for good.